Cuban Salsa: Panqué con Chocolate

Panqué con Chocolate is a so-called fun move for Rueda de Casino. I have done it in Rueda de Casino many times with different callers, often from Cuba. The move is rather well-known.

The move is exactly the same as Panqué pa’ti pa’mi except that the ending, the para mi part has a “naughty” twist.

First video shows the Panqué pa’ti pa’mi video from “Salsaficon” in Mexico:

Same video at YouTube: Panqué pa’ti pa’mi.

Panqué con chocolate begins with the standard Panqué, the Lead wraps the Follow in and out, and is then followed by Damela con Chocolate (Give it to me with chocolate) made popular by Alberto Valdes in the following Rueda de Casino workshop video, starts at 0:50:

Same video at YouTube: Damela con Chocolate. Starts at 0:50.

Another video, this time from Russia I guess, showing Damela con Chocolate:

Same video at YouTube: Damela con Chocolate.

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