Cuban Salsa: La Cuadra

La Cuadra has different meanings like block, stable, barracks. I am not sure of what translation makes most sense for a name of a move. The La Cuadra move is a typical complicado with several elements we know from other complicados. There are surprisingly many videos out there, so it must be quite popular.

La Cuadra comes with two alternative endings like Siete Loco Complicado. Instead of “picking her up on the right” as Rene Gueit says in the following video, the Lead can do a hook turn as shown in the last video:

Same Video on YouTube

I like the jazzy “jpk mas” version:

Same Video on YouTube

In the following video from some unknown workshop, La Cuadra ends with a hook turn. It is a good alternative to “pick her up on the right”. The hook turn makes it easy to continue in all sorts of ways like doing Enchufla or Sacala.

Same Video on YouTube

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