Cuban Salsa: Intro to Siete/Panqué Family

Siete is a short move with only one count of eigth: roll her in, roll her out. When we say a move starts with Siete, we always talk about a move that starts with the first 1-2-3 count of Siete, and instead of rolling her out as in Siete, we roll her out in a more advanced way. The 5-6-7 of Siete becomes the beginning of a new move

In Rueda de Casino there is a long tradition of “fun” moves starting with Siete/Panqué. Some of them only works in Rueda de Casino or they are really not meant for social dancing.

It is almost a tradition to use the term Panqué (Pancake) when the move is called in Rueda de Casino, and to use the term Siete (6) as the official name. I like the Panqué name, it is easy to remember, and the name describes the move, and many more dancers know that term than Siete. It might be a good idea to drop the meaningless Siete name.

All together we have more than 20 moves in the Siete/Panqué family.

The Siete/Panque family of moves are not that difficult when done in classes, workshops and in Rueda de Casino, because the Follow knows what is coming. The moves are surprisingly difficult in social dancing. Most Follows don’t have Siete as muscle memory, they fail already at the first count or do it awkwardly.

Because Siete is not something every Follow can just do naturally without thinking about it, most Leads drop this great family of moves unless they dance with at strong Follow at advanced level or they know that the Follow is up to the task.

I recommend to start with my long and detailed tutorial Panqué (Siete) because very many dancers don’t get the basic figure exactly right.

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