Cuban Salsa: En Talla

Many of the classic moves used today are attributed to Henry Herrera’s “Salsa Racing” DVDs from 2002, Miami, Florida, USA. I have only found one move with an interesting Alarde section. The move is called En Talla and we find it on “Henry Turns 2”. The move itself is not that exciting, unless you like tight wrestling.

En Talla (in size) is Cuban slang with several meanings, the most general is probably “in Shape”. The Alarde section is straight forward and easy. I often use it as part of other moves.

Video 1 shows the Alarde section only.

Video 2 shows the full En Talla move.

The En Talla move is listed in two sections:

  1. Moves with Multiple Alardes
  2. Moves starting with Enchufla

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