Cuban Salsa: Sombrero con Plancha

This small fun move is used in Rueda de Casino only, and it is quite common. It needs to be called, there is no way to lead is, and it could be dangerous in social dancing because the Follow must prevent the Lead from falling. “Plancha” means “iron”, “plate”, etc, so the meaning is probably that the hat is so heavy that the Lead falls!

Video 1 is from “jpk mas”, 2012.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “CubanVibesUK”, 2017.

Same Video on YouTube

Plancha variations

Video 3 is from “Montreal Rueda Standard Project”, 2014. Variations are common and the names of them are often made up on the fly for the occasion, and only last as long. In this case they call it Sombrero con Plancha Complicado. It starts with Sombrero con Mambo, done turning, and finishes with Plancha.

Same Video on YouTube

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