Cuban Salsa: Exhibela Largo Continuado

The move Exhibela Largo Continuado is another social move I naively believe I have invented or at least I have identified it as a move and given it a name. We often do Exhibela 2-3 times in a row in Rueda de Casino as well as in social dancing, but mostly “on the spot” without changing direction. Then one day it came to me :”Why not change direction for each Exhibela and do it 2-3-4-5 times in a square or star pattern?”

I call it Exhibela Largo because the Follow does not walk 3 steps left and then 3 steps right as in the normal Exhibela, she takes an extra step left (four steps left and two steps right) making the Exhibela long, just like Sácala is normally done in Rueda de Casino. In Sácala the handhold is mostly right-to-right but in Exhibela Largo I prefer to use left-to-right handhold because it is more versatile.

The video below contains two video clips from Practica Sessions with me and Mona, Copenhagen, 2022. In Video Clip #1 we continue Exhibela Largo 5 times. That is a little extreme, I normally do it 2-3-4 times.

In Video Clip #2, I add Rodeo to each Exhibela, an extra count of Eight, giving us Exhibela Largo Continuado con Rodeo. In the video we do it 4 times but 2-5 times is good depending on the situation.

Same video on YouTube

Exhibela Largo Continuado and Exhibela Largo Continuado con Rodeo are social moves: Many ways to begin them, many ways to continue them. The exact execution depends on the music, on how well the Lead and the Follow are doing, on what momentum has been created, and on what look and feel the Lead wants to create for the dance.


  • Hi Jesper,

    Nice to receive your newsletters.

    Just noticed this link was not working:

    I looked up Sacala to see whether you advise the follow taking
    back-steps on 1-2-3 or forwards steps.

    In this video (Exhibela Largo), you are moving the follow forwards on 1-2-3.

    Can this move be done with the follow doing back-steps on 1-2-3 (like DQN).

    Sincerely Sandy

    • Hi Sandy

      Thank you so much for commenting. My tutorial about Exhibela/Sácala is under revision but will be back online soon.

      I recommend for the Follow always to step forward by default, and I always lead the Follow forward on One except for “forward and back” moves where a back-step is build-in on One for the Follow.

      I always lead the Follow forward on ONE for Dile Que No and Exhibela/Sácala. Since the Follow’s right foot is typically already in forward position on “8”, it is of cause good enough just to step in place on “1”, this is still FORWARD as opposed to a back-step.

      But “always to step forward on One” is only one way of dancing Cuban Salsa. Even in Cuba where ALWAYS FORWARD is very common, we also have many dancers that don’t care, and they are likely to take a lot of back-steps. Outside of Cuba it is even more common to do a lot of “back rocking” in Cuban Salsa.

      When I dance, I always lead my Follows forward on One, but if they are notorious “back-rocker” types and not good a being led, I let then get away with it in some situations, in order not to annoy too much by “forcing” them forward again and again, especially in moves like Dile Que No and Exhibela/Sácala.

      One of my most important tutorials is about this issue: “Why a Follow should step forward by default”:

      Cuban Salsa: Why a Follow should step forward by default

      Hope to see you soon

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