Cuban Salsa: Coca-Cola Doble con Vacilala Doble

Probably more than half of all Leads never use left turns, so-called Coca-Cola turns (I have done some statistics). They can get away with “no Coca-Cola” because Enchufla half left turns are so common in Cuban Salsa, often used more than once in many moves. Of the Leads using Coca-Cola left turns on “5-6-7”, typically as last part of Dile Que No, only a small minority also use Coca-Cocla turns on “1-2-3”. Even fewer use Coca-Cola Doble.

When I started using Coca-Cola Doble, I use it all the time with strong Follows, turning the Follow first on “5-6-7”, next on “1-2-3”, I soon realised that the next “5-6-7” could be used to position the Follow for a Vacilala turn or for Vacilala Doble on “1-2-3, 5-6-7”.

Video #1 contains three video clips of Coca-Cola Doble con Vacilala Doble. They are from a Practica Training Sessions with me and Mona, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2022.

Same video on YouTube


For Coca-Cola Mona uses Three Step Turns in the three video clips, we might one day make a video using Two Step Spiral Turns. The Vacilala turns are on the spot. Next time we might make them with more walking. The Vacilala turns are hand-free, next time we might make them hand-held. And a Lead can also use single turns.

All the variations just mentioned are what makes social moves so exiting and challenging compared to “dumb”, hard-wired Rueda moves where everything is always the same, and the Rueda move has even been announced also to the Follower by the Rueda Caller, no leading/folowing is needed!

Leading and Following

A Lead should always use the building block model. Start with just one Coca-Cola as the last part of Dile Que No until the Lead can lead it to perfection and the Follow can follow it to perfection. Only if the Follow is well-balanced and has the footwork 100 percent right, does it make sense to add another Coca-Cola turn on “1-2-3”. If not, just continue with another Dile Que No.

When a Follow can do a perfect Coca-Cola on “5-6-7” as her second nature, add one more turn on “1-2-3”. For as long as the second Coca-Cola is not perfect, don’t even think of also adding a Vacilala, hand-held or hand-free, just go easy and continue with Dile Que No Continuado. The day the second Coca-Cola is perfect, it is time to consider adding a Vacilala, etc.

Vacilala Doble or Vacilala+Vuelta

If the second “Vacilala” turn clearly is a continuation of Vacilala, I call the combined turns for Vacilala Doble. If the second turn more looks like an independent turn, I call it Vacilala plus a “Cuban Vuelta”, a so-called Habanero right turn. In my video, the first and the last clip show Vacilala Doble, and the clip in the middle is more like a Vacilala turn followed by a “Cuban Vuelta” on “5-6-7”.

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