Cuban Salsa: Cásate y Enchufla Continuado

In this tutorial I present two good FIRST CLASS social moves, a Cásate (“get married”) variation (I have not decided on a name yet), followed by Enchufla Continuado. I will make separate tutorials about these two social moves soon. Sometimes it is inspiring to see a continuing flow of two or more good social moves instead of having the dance chopped up by Guapea and Dile Que No like in Rueda de Casino.

The Cásate variation, I have just learned from a workshop video of Ruben Rodriguez Bullain, Nantes, France, 2021. Enchufla Continuado is as old as Cuban Salsa (Casino) but its modern form, I have learned from watching “MCC” videos. Video #1 contains three video clips from a Practice Training Session with me and Mona, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022.

Same video on YouTube

Break down

I show the Cásate variation exactly the same in all three video clips. I have just learned it. I need to know the basic version before I start to experiment. But it is obvious that there are many ways to get into Cásate, and that we can walk more or less before we exit it with a right turn on “1-2-3”. After the Lead’s Hook Turn, we can again walk more or less before the Lead exit it on “5-6-7”.

Next a right turn and into the Corona Alarde. Then Exhibela and the Lead’s left turn, and a new Enchufla finishes the move except that I have replaced Enchufla with Enchufla Continuado in all three video clips above.


When the Lead exits the Cásate with a right turn to the Follow and a hook turn to himself, it is important that the Lead’s right hand ends up in handshake position above the Follow’s right arm but with the hand angeled downward in order for the Follow to say hello with her left hand underneath her right arm.

Enchufla Continuado

This is a fantastic basic figure that can be started from Enchufla almost anywhere in a dance. We have a “Five Turn” Enchufla Continuado (1 Enchufla plus four extra turns) and a “Nine Turn” Enchufla Continuado (1 Enchufla plus 8 extra turns). I show the Five Turn version three times, and for each time I use a new exit, a new way for the continuation of the dance!

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