Cuban Salsa: Paséala Continuado

The Follow’s short Paséala walk in front of the Lead, pivoting around in the corners on “3-4” and “7-8”, is normally done a couple of times before the Lead goes on with Exhibela or some other move. “Small time” continuation is so to speak part of Paséala. What I call Paséala Continuado is when the Lead doubles down and uses Paséala as if it is the main move of the dance for a whole section of the dance. Paséala Continuado is when Paséala in combination with other moves like Exhibela, Rodeo, Exhibela Inverso, Reína, etc, is used over and over again.

Video #1 shows a handful of clips from Practica Sessions with me and Mona, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022.

Same video on YouTube

Paséala (walk her) as used in my video is sometimes called Aguajea by some Cubans. We should not use this term.

It is rare, I have not jet met a dancer that knows the term, non-Spanish speaking dancers are not likely to pronounce it correctly or to remember it, and even Cubans can not explain to you what it means in any meaningful sense.

In International Cuban Salsa we should focus on dance terms likely to be used by the rest of us.

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