(USA, San Francisco)

The website, San Fracisco Bay Area, is one of the very best Salsa websites, still mostly for beginner and intermediate level. The website is more relaxed to use but the videos can also be accessed from YouTube.

The website has sections for Cuban Salsa, “X-Body Salsa On 1”, and for some of the instruments used in Salsa music.

The dansepapi videos are in a league of their own, setting a new standard for how to make such videos. They show the figures with excellent instructions, step by step, with clear count, at different speeds and angels.

Let me link to just one example of the videos featuring Serena Wong and Nicholas Van Eyck as instructors. I use “Kentucky” all the time, when dancing with improvers-intermediate followers and also often with followers at advanced level:

I dance Cuban salsa but it can by inspiring also to watch X-Body salsa videos. “Salsa On 1 instructor” Nicole Lazo is one of the very best instructors I have seen so far on video. Her voice is, let us call it fascinating, and her instructions are second to none. I use this X-Body move in my Cuban salsa:

When adapting the “Basic Copa” to Cuban Salsa one can still start in closed position but I prefer to think of the beginning like a Sombrero or a Montaña starting from Guapea.

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