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Dolce Dance School (Hungary)

Dolce Dance,, could be one of the biggest European Salsa – Bachata – Kizomba dance schools. It is impressive that this Hungarian school has local schools in Serbia and Romania. For an English speaking person searching YouTube for Cuban Salsa, videos from a Hungarian dance school are not likely to show up in the results unless you search for

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Gianfranco Bighi (Italy)

I stumbled upon some interesting videos at a YouTube Channel called Gianfranco Bighi from the Que Vadis Dancing Dance School in Ferrara, half way between Bologna and Venice! No doubt that we are talking about an “Old School” classic dance teacher with many years of experience. There are videos of Cuban Salsa, Portorican Salsa, Kizumba and more. Most of the videos

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Son De Habana (Colombia)

This is a “rare” (seen from Scandinavia) Colombian Cuban Salsa dance school located in Bogota. They have more than 100 of the very best salsa videos, all levels, beautifully organized in “Básico”, “Intermedio”, “Avanzado”, and the website is not a relic of the past but still active. The dancers are lovely, they dance even better, except that the leader in

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Salsa Lovers (USA, Miami)

“Salsa Lovers” has more than 100 good salsa videos with instructions on YouTube. The videos are from an old DVD based Salsa course. The original DVDs were promoted with the name “Salsa Lovers”, and can still be found under that name on YouTube but the most well-organized upload is found under the name “Bebesalsaa”. Salsa Lovers, a Miami based dance

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The – Cuban Rueda de Casino, formerly known as “The Norwegian Rueda Standard”, is one of the best and most important resources about Cuban Salsa or rather about the Rueda way of dancing Cuban Salsa. and their work is so important that I will make a major blogpost one day reviewing the initiative from A to Z. I

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Canalsapeando (Spain)

The logo of this Spanish YouTube channel is a frog. The channel has very many educational videos, dancing, martial arts, you name it. The “Latin-mix” videos cover Cuban Salsa, Salsa footwork, X-Body Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha and Merenque all featuring “Pedro y Noe”. This Pedro is impressive and gives good instructions. I like that he in some of the videos exaggerate

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Salsa on One Tutorial: Gino & Kristin

“Salsa Dancing Walk-Through – 36 Movements” (01:17:41) is the best and most inspiring basic salsa tutorial ever. The two instructors, Gino Garcia and Kristin Travis, are cute like puppies, and their soft-spoken small-talking instructions are the best introduction to salsa, one can imagine. It is not Cuban Salsa but so-called X-Body salsa, Salsa On One. In Cuban Salsa we also

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