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Dolce Dance School (Hungary)

Dolce Dance,, could be one of the biggest European Salsa – Bachata – Kizomba dance schools. It is impressive that this Hungarian school has local schools in Serbia and Romania. For an English speaking person searching YouTube for Cuban Salsa, videos from a Hungarian dance school are not likely to show up in the results unless you search for

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The – Cuban Rueda de Casino, formerly known as “The Norwegian Rueda Standard”, is one of the best and most important resources about Cuban Salsa or rather about the Rueda way of dancing Cuban Salsa. and their work is so important that I will make a major blogpost one day reviewing the initiative from A to Z. I

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Canalsapeando (Spain)

The logo of this Spanish YouTube channel is a frog. The channel has very many educational videos, dancing, martial arts, you name it. The “Latin-mix” videos cover Cuban Salsa, Salsa footwork, X-Body Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha and Merenque all featuring “Pedro y Noe”. Many of their videos are quite good. This Pedro is impressive and often he gives good instructions. But

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Salsa on One Tutorial: Gino & Kristin

“Salsa Dancing Walk-Through – 36 Movements” (01:17:41) is the best and most inspiring basic salsa tutorial ever. The two instructors, Gino Garcia and Kristin Travis, are cute like puppies, and their soft-spoken small-talking instructions are the best introduction to salsa, one can imagine. It is not Cuban Salsa but so-called X-Body salsa, Salsa On One. In Cuban Salsa we also

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Avinciia Dance Academy (France)

Avinciia Dance Academy, Paris, has many Salsa videos also on Avinciia YouTube. The dancers in the videos I have seen, Armandino & Elodie, are elegant, and if you understand French, the videos are good inspiration. In the first series of videos, Armandino is dressed in vest and boots and in the more recent videos in all white making the videos

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