Salsa on One Tutorial: Gino & Kristin

“Salsa Dancing Walk-Through – 36 Movements” (01:17:41) is the best and most inspiring basic salsa tutorial ever.

The two instructors, Gino Garcia and Kristin Travis, are cute like puppies, and their soft-spoken small-talking instructions are the best introduction to salsa, one can imagine.

It is not Cuban Salsa but so-called X-Body salsa, Salsa On One. In Cuban Salsa we also danse on one. Everything in this video is also relevant for a Cuban Salsa beginner, and it is nice to learn a few English dance terms to make a handfull of the Cuban Spanish dance terms easier to understand!

Cross Body Lead = Dile Que No (Tell Her NO)
Hammer lock position = Setenta (70) or rather first part of it
Back Rock = Guapea (Chill Out) when done as a basic step

I have watch this video literally hundred of times as supplement to my very first beginners class in Cuban Salsa but already at “improver’s” level, Cuban Salsa differs too much from X-Body, that I lost interest in the video.

Today I watch the video with tears in my eyes (pure nostalgia), I have come a long, long way, and I even get reminded about a few basic X-Body details, I can use in my Cuban Salsa.


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