Canalsapeando (Spain)

The logo of this Spanish YouTube channel is a frog. The channel has very many educational videos, dancing, martial arts, you name it. The “Latin-mix” videos cover Cuban Salsa, Salsa footwork, X-Body Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha and Merenque all featuring “Pedro y Noe”. Many of their videos are quite good. This Pedro is impressive and often he gives good instructions. But always watch out if instructors teach both Cuban and non-Cuban salsa.


One third of the Cuban Salsa videos are dead wrong. And I mean it. They are rare examples of YouTube Cuban Salsa videos so wrong, that it is no longer Cuban Salsa. This is true for Setenta (70), Setenta y Dos (72), Ochenta (80) (normally called Montaña), Prima, hermana y tía.

In Setenta moves, the Hammerlock can be done like a right turn with prepping or with Vacilala steps. In the two Setenta videos with “Pedro y Noe” they use Vacilala done wrong, back rocking on one and then the Follow walks forward without turning, made impossible by the back rock, instead she just turns on 5-6-7 like in X-Body salsa. Why teach Cuban Salsa, if you can not even step the signature move of Cuban Salsa?

The two other videos have similar problems. All four videos are so far outside the norm for Cuban Salsa, that they should be deleted immediately:

Same Video on YouTube

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