Canalsapeando (Spain)

The logo of this Spanish YouTube channel is a frog. The channel has very many educational videos, dancing, martial arts, you name it. The “Latin-mix” videos cover Cuban Salsa, Salsa footwork, X-Body Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha and Merenque all featuring “Pedro y Noe”. This Pedro is impressive and often he gives good instructions.


One third of the Cuban Salsa videos are dead wrong. And I mean it. They are rare examples of YouTube Cuban Salsa videos so wrong, that it is no longer Cuban Salsa. This is true for <em>Setenta (70)</em>, <em>Setenta y Dos (72)</em>, <em>Ochenta (80)</em> (normally called Montaña), <em>Prima, hermana y tía</em>.

In <em>Setenta</em> moves, the Hammerlock can be done like a right turn with prepping like a right turn or with <em>Vacilala</em> steps. In those two videos they use the most strange variant of a right turn. There is no leading, instead the Follow steps forward on count two! This is not just a first in Cuban Salsa, but on top of it there is no leading for these never before seen steps: the Follow steps forward on two on her own, no lead needed!

The two other videos have similar problems. All four videos are so far outside the norm for Cuban Salsa, that they should be deleted immediately:

Cuban Salsa YouTube Playlist

Salsa footwork

Salsa footwork YouTube Playlist

X-Body Salsa on One

X-Body Salsa on One YouTube Playlist


Bachata YouTube Playlist

Cha Cha Chá

Cha Cha Chá YouTube Playlist


Merenque YouTube Playlist

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