Canalsapeando (Spain)

The logo of this Spanish YouTube channel is a frog. The channel has very many educational videos, dancing, martial arts, you name it. The “Latin-mix” videos cover Cuban Salsa, Salsa footwork, X-Body Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha and Merenque all featuring “Pedro y Noe”. This Pedro is impressive and gives good instructions. I like that he in some of the videos exaggerate the leading for us all to see.

The Cuban Salsa videos are made in the context of Rueda de Casino. At the end of each video, we see how the figure is used in a live rueda.


When dance instructors are good enough to make “Latinmix” videos in all types of dances including both Cuban Salsa and X-Body Salsa, it is almost unavoidable for the Cuban Salsa to be a little compromised, not being a perfect example of what it should look like in a class setting. Nobody cares about your private social dancing.

In the Setenta y Dos (72) video below, Pedro only walks 90 degrees on the partner circle on 1-2-3, and then 5-6-7 on the spot. I can accept that in a video for beginners. Already at intermediate level, there is no more on the spot monkey business except for in the moves where it applies. We walk 270 degrees on the first count of eight in this figure, and lead steps forward all the time.

Cuban Salsa

The videos with Pedro and Noe are easy to spot. They always look more or less like this:

Cuban Salsa YouTube Playlist

Salsa footwork

Salsa footwork YouTube Playlist

X-Body Salsa on One

X-Body Salsa on One YouTube Playlist


Bachata YouTube Playlist

Cha Cha Chá

Cha Cha Chá YouTube Playlist


Merenque YouTube Playlist

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