The – Cuban Rueda de Casino, formerly known as “The Norwegian Rueda Standard”, is one of the best and most important resources about Cuban Salsa or rather about the Rueda way of dancing Cuban Salsa. and their work is so important that I will make a major blogpost one day reviewing the initiative from A to Z. I strongly support standardization efforts in Salsa. Where would soccer be today if all countries, cities and clubs just used their own rules?

The videos of are one of the few major gold mines of salsa vidoes in the context of Rueda de Casino. The videos are important not just because they are good but because they are a part of an international standardization effort:

  1. The figures of the videos are likely to be the most relevant and popular Rueda figures.
  2. The figure names are likely to be the most common out there, or a good argument for you to use the same name.
  3. When a figure exists in many variations, the one chosen for a video by a “standards” initiative is properly also the one you should teach.

RuedaStandard at YouTube

Homepage YouTube

Videos YouTube

Playlists YouTube


The very many videos are easy to spot, they have the same visual feel:

Same Video on YouTube


Standardization makes life much easier, but it is easier said that done. There are a lot of small details in many of the videos from, I consider dead wrong, the friendly way. Too long steps, too much back rocking.

As a rule of thumb, always step forward or in place in Cuban Salsa. Don’t back rock except when you have a good reason. Never just back rock by default. If you step back then continue to step back moving forward with your back to the direction.

Back rocking is most often two wasted steps for nothing. Much better to step forward and position yourself best possible. With two extra steps, the Follow can use smaller steps, and the Lead can turn the Follow both right and left if she steps forward on one.

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