Avinciia Dance Academy (France)

Avinciia Dance Academy, Paris, has many Salsa videos also on Avinciia YouTube. The dancers in the videos I have seen, Armandino & Elodie, are elegant, and if you understand French, the videos are good inspiration.

In the first series of videos, Armandino is dressed in vest and boots and in the more recent videos in all white making the videos easy to spot, and they are always worth looking at.


Some of the videos are interesting examples of what could be called non Cuban Cuban salsa. Armandino is “Passionné de salsa L.A. style”, according to the website, and it sometimes shows in his Cuban salsa.


The first example, “Aquiles”, is worth a try. It is rated as just “intermediate” but I will call it advanced level. The last part of the move is very difficult to lead in a social dance unless the follower knows it or is very, very good:

The next example, “Mojito”, is also labeled “intermediate”, making me wonder, what advanced level looks like at this dance school:

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