Dolce Dance School (Hungary)

Dolce Dance,, could be one of the biggest European Salsa – Bachata – Kizomba dance schools. It is impressive that this Hungarian school has local schools in Serbia and Romania.

For an English speaking person searching YouTube for Cuban Salsa, videos from a Hungarian dance school are not likely to show up in the results unless you search for a precise name of a move. You easily miss that this dance schools has many great videos out there.

1. YouTube Channel: “latinszenvedely”

The YouTube Channel of the Dolce Dance School is called latinszenvedely (Latin Passion). It’s a mixed bag of all sorts of interesting videos. At the very, very end of the YouTube Channel, we find more than 50 of the most lovely Cuban Salsa videos, from beginner to intermediate level, featuring the same couple, uploaded in 2010. A shortcut to the videos is probably to click on latinszenvedely videos, and use reverse sort order.

2. A good basic salsa style

I highly recommend that other dance schools, instructors and dancers link to videos like these, because the salsa style of this couple can not but appeal to most of us, and is for that reason a great introduction to Cuban Salsa.

As you grow as a dancer, you might prefer to dance in a more sensual Cuban way with all of your body, and a little more close, but the style of this couple is excellent for a start, and if you continue to dance like that, you are doing just fine.

3. Exploring a dance archive

Let me show just two intermediate videos with this lovely couple, and use the videos to underscore how useful it can be to explore the archives of different dance schools. The following two Cuban Salsa moves are new to me, probably invented by this school.

4. Siete Magniv

Magniv is Hebrew meaining “Extremely cool”:

Same video at YouTube: Siete Magniv

5. Fin Winter

The last part of this move is identical with Siete Magniv except that the lead doesn’t end with a full Sombrero. It begins with El Dedo (hand held Vacilala) instead of Siete:

Same video at YouTube: Fin Winter

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