Gianfranco Bighi (Italy)

I stumbled upon some interesting videos at a YouTube Channel called Gianfranco Bighi from the Que Vadis Dance School in Ferrara, half way between Bologna and Venice! I don’t know if it still exists, the original website of the school is today a webshop.

No doubt that we are talking about an “Old School” classic dance teacher with many years of experience. There are videos of Cuban Salsa, Puertorican Salsa, Kizumba and more. Most of the Cuban videos are uploaded in 2012. Be sure to keep the different styles of Salsa apart.

Some of the Cuban Salsa videos might be worth a study for inspiration because we don’t see them anywhere else. It is my guess that Gianfranco Bighi made them. It is always interesting to see how a long time dancer and instructor imagines good moves. Some of them are a little influenced by the Puertorican Salsa style, but most of them are straight forward and easy to lead. Even if you don’t know Italian, most of it makes sense. Below I list all the Cuban Salsa videos from the YouTube Channel because they are a little difficult to dig out.

Cuban Salsa, Advanced Level


“Saoco” is Puertorican slang for something great! 

Same Video on YouTube

Ponle Savor

Should probally be spelled “Ponle Sabor” meaning “Add Flavor”. A well known move except for many variations.

Same Video on YouTube

Melao soft

I am not sure of the meaning of “Melao”, but I think it is a honey melon”.

Same Video on YouTube

Mas Sabroso

“Mas Sabrosa” means “More tasty”.

Same Video on YouTube

La Tuya

La tuya means “yours”.

Same Video on YouTube

El Niño

Niño means “boy”. The leader has four hook turns in this move!

Same Video on YouTube

El gancho Maik

El gancho Maik (male name) probably means “Maik with the hook”.

Same Video on YouTube

Dedo con Gancho

The finger with the hook.

Same Video on YouTube

Club Taco

Same Video on YouTube


City in Cuba.

Same Video on YouTube

Siete Complicado

Same Video on YouTube

Presa doble

The first word “Presa” is probably Italiean and means “grib” or “hand hold”, that is “Double handhold”.

Same Video on YouTube


Beach town not far from Havana Cuba.

Same Video on YouTube

El Puente

The Bridge. This simple move has a non-Cuban look and feel.

Same Video on YouTube

Sombrero de Manny

Just “hat” and a male name or diminutive form. A rather common move often started with Sombrero doble.

Same Video on YouTube


Same Video on YouTube

Cuban Salsa, Intermediate Level

Intermedio, Part 2

Same Video on YouTube

For some unknown reason, Intermedio Part 1 is missing.

Cuban Salsa, Beginner level

Principianti, Part 3

Same Video on YouTube

Principianti, Part 2

Same Video on YouTube

Principianti, Part 1

Same Video on YouTube

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