Salsafici├│n Dance Academy (Mexico)

“Salsafici├│n” is an impressive Dance Academy with a professionel website, and YouTube Channel. The many YouTube dance videos are innovative and well organized as a free online course, started in 2018! Here is an overview of the course as presented at the website: Salsafici├│n: Free Cuban Salsa Couse.

The videos have focus on the instructions. It took me some time to get used to the funny style of Amando, but now I like him. I find it very useful that the name of the elements of a move are listed as we see the move.

The video for Setenta y Cuatro (74) is a good example. I sometimes have my doubts about the name of an element of a figure. Nice that the videos from Salsafici├│n can help me out:

Same video at YouTube: Salsafici├│n: Setenta y Cuatro.

Salsafici├│n YouTube Channel

Salsafici├│n is certanly a website and a YouTube channel to follow, they have videos for much more than Cuban Salsa, and even better, many of the videos are brand new, these people are on the move.

If Salsafici├│n continues to upload dance videos of this quality, they will soon become the most important YouTube Channel for Cuban Salsa.

Salsafici├│n YouTube Channel.

How to improve the videos

The videos from “Salsafici├│n” are innovative but I my opinion they drown in gimmicks and could be improved in several ways. I like that the names of each element of the figure is shown on top of the video, but one time is enough. I really think that the small spotlight circles on top of the video, at times following the hands of the dancers are more annoying than useful.

Instead of showing the figure three times exactly the same, show it from one side and then from the other side, and use counting. Even better 1) start showing it very slow, explaining the figure without dancing it, 2) then show the figure two times with counting, from one side and 3) the the other, 4) and at the very end show it as social dancing with normal speed.

How difficult can it be?

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