Salsa leaders are very different

One amazing fact about social dancing is that a leader is allowed to do even the weirdest and most far out crazy stuff, as long as he can get his follower to follow, and she has a good time. Even if the follower cannot follow, connection can make up for it and for any other thing that is missing!

As long as the follower enjoys the dance, no rules apply. I have seen a lot on the dance floor. The ultimate weirdo was a Polish guy in Aberdeen dancing Bachata. He would squeeze, bear hug, shake and body roll the ladies and wildly lift them from the ground, and it was not nice to look at, braking all the rules of what never to do. He was not particular attractive rather the village “idiot” type but the women laughed and had a fantastic time. They were almost queuing up for one more treat and they told me “this guy is amazing”.

Just to underline: I have my personal take on how I want to dance, and I happen to think that my approach is generic enough to generalise, that my blog could be of interest to others. But I know very well that many leaders out there have other and very different approaches to how they want to dance.

When it comes to social dancing as in many other things in life, it is impossible to generalise in such a way that any other human being is completely covered. At least I hope that my generalisations are interesting enough to be inspiring also to dancers where very little of it apply.

There are no one truth to dancing and no single way is the very best or the last word. Even better: Followers prefer that leaders are as different as possible as long as they are good or give it an honest try.

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