Cuban Salsa: Coca-Cola into Enchufla and Rodeo

We need a Coca-Cola turn on “5-6-7” in order to continue with Enchufla on “1”. It is a great combination of two basic figures but the transition on “7-1” between Coca-Cola in counter clock-wise circular motion and Enchufla in clock-wise circular motion is difficult. It is made more difficult by the fact that most Follows expect to continue the Coca-Cola turn counter clock-wise around the Lead with a new Dile Que No.

Enchufla is the richest of all basic figures. Many Enchufla variations are themselves basic figure like Enchufla Doble and Ven y Vira. We have many options for the how to continue after the halfway position of Enchufla and many options for how to continue after step “7”.

That is, “Coca-Cola into Enchufla” probably has more than 50 variations. In this tutorial and video we only focus on the most common example, Dile Que No con Coca-Cola into Enchufla and Rodeo.

Video #1 features me and Mona at a private Practica training session in Fælledparken, Copenhagen, Denmark 2023.

Link to the same video on YouTube

The difficult part is the transition between Coca-Cola and Enchufla on “7-1”. Most Follows can’t do a Three Step Left Turn good enough to suddenly change into the opposite direction on “1”. Often the three steps of Coca-Cola will only add up to 45 degree less of a full circle. They need a forth step, step “1” to close the gap. That puts them at a disadvantage because step “1” is also the first step of Enchufla.

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