Turn Techniques .bf

Turn Techniques Overview

1Right Turn – Pirouette – Pivot – Chaîné
2Two Step Spiral Turn (right/left)
3Double Right Turns
4Left Turn (Coca-Cola) – Pirouette – Pivot – Chaîné
5Double Left turns – Coca-Cola Double
6Pirueta AL Medio (right/left)
7Cuban Vuelta – Walk Around Turn
8Back-rocking Turns – Salsa Vuelta
9Janus Turn and Goose Step Pirouette (homegrown)
10Triple Turns
11Syncopated Turns (double, triple, etc)

Other Turns

1Spin Turn
2Padle Turn (Adiós)
3Hook Turns (mostly Lead)
4Walked Double Turn on the Spot
5Walked Triple Turn on the Spot