Why SalsaSelfie.com?

When a relatively new Salsero after 2-3 years or more, depending on talent and effort, has danced at advanced level of several Schools for some time, there are two good ways to proceed: “enough” or “more”.

The “enough” approach is ok. There are other things in life than dancing and you can always dance socially as much as you like. If you need to sharpen your skills or stay top-tuned, you can take a workshop once in a while, private lessons or even redo some of your classes or find one more dance school.

The “enough” attitude is by far the most common. Having reach advanced level, there is a strong tendency to remain on that level. Even after several years of additional dancing, you have really not moved any further and that might be good enough for you and exactly what you want.

The “more” approach, on the other hand, is for salsa-holics like me that can’t get enough. We don’t get satisfaction from having arrived, we want to push on to the next level, and we find the process of getting there to be what life is all about.

So this is the question I want to ask and answer for my part with this dance blog: How to progress from advanced level to let us call it “masterclass”.

Disclaimer: I am not a dance teacher, not even a talented dancer. I only pretend to be another guy on the dance floor wanting to share my journey.

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