Los Van Van, “Anda Ven Y Muevete”

I love to wake up to it in the morning preparing my oat meal, eating breakfast, doing the dishes and making the bed, while dancing to it all the time, practicing footwork, body isolation, and crazy improvisations.


The video start with Juan Formell singing and all the people on stage are major figures in Cuban Salsa music. Pedrito Calvo enters the dance hall in the most magnificent way and I love how he rolls the “Rs”.

The video is also an interesting example of how Juan Formell experimented with orchestration, even using a “Jimmy Hendrix” type of guitar in Cuban Timba.

The video is a clip from the mother of all live timba concert videos, the LIVE DVD CONCERT “AQUI EL QUE BAILA GANA” (HERE THE ONE WHO DANCES WINS), 2009. Many clips from this concert can be found on YouTube. It can be difficult to find the complete DVD (more than 2 hours long), probably due to property rights. Here is a “German” upload. If it is deleted, you must search for the complete DVD yourself:

The DVD says that “Anda Ven Y Muevete” is from 1984. The original is also ok but here we have an excellent example of how much better a live performance can be compared to the original studio version.

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