Barbaro Fines, “Intro Mayimbe”

Barbaro Fines y su Mayimbe performs Intro Mayimbe. This is a live studio recording at the studio. It is not as live as a concert, and it is a little strange to watch a live performance in a small studio without an audience. But great it is anyway.

Some of the benefits of watching the many videos are, that you really get a close look at the musicians and their instruments. Also as always with live performances, concert or live studio, they tend to be much longer than the original album version.

“Intro Mayimbe” is one of my favorites. It can really get me up dancing, and I use it a lot for dance workouts and training. An introduction, a largo with trumpet solo, and a long Montuno section getting better and better.

For social dancing, this really is my favorite tempo for doing one long meditative tour de force dance of my best moves.

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