Copenhagen Dance Venue: Museumsøen in Roskilde

30 km from Copenhagen, we have some of the best summer salsa open air dance events, in 2018: four Fridays in August with live music. Roskilde has a vibrant Cuban Salsa community spearheaded by the Salsa Latina Dance School. This dance school could be a good model for other small towns, a community of the local dancers, run by volunteers.

As is often the case when you have free open air salsa events in a relatively small town, there are many dancers at beginner’s level, but thanks to the local dance school, teaching 6 levels of Cuban Salsa, and many regular dancers pouring in from nearby Copenhagen and surrounding cities, you are also likely to meet many of the best salsa dancers in Denmark.

The hours are from 1900-2300, and starts with an hour of Salsa or Bachata introduction at beginners level.

Historical settings

The town of Roskilde, population 50000, where almost all of the Danish Kings and Queens are buried in the Roskilde Cathedral, is also home to the world class Viking Ship Museum, and next to it by the local marina, the dancing takes place. “Museumsøen” means the Island of the Museum.


The dance floor is ok but not good enough for the most advanced turns, board walk wood planks with space in between (see photo). Plenty of good free parking, good toilets, café type of restaurant. The area is safe with reasonable protection for bags. The old inner city of the historical town and Central Station is a 15 minutes walk away.

How to find

The red spot is where the dance events take place. Copenhagen is outside of the picture frame to the right.

Google Map: Museumsøen in Roskilde.

The tables almost making a cross is removed before dancing! Note that you have models of ships from the Viking era a few yards from the dance floor!

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