Cuban Salsa: Setenta (70) con Alarde

Setenta con Alarde is sometimes just called Setenta. Some instructors prefer to use it as the very first figure they teach because it is slightly easier than the real Setenta. The Alarde can be done to Lead or to Follow. Since Setenta is three counts of eight and Setenta con Alarde only two counts of eight, the variation can come in handy if the music tells you the full Setenta for some reason will be too long.

The beautiful video of Setenta con Alarde is from “Dolce Dance” (Hungary). They open up on seven and tap on eight as preparation for walking proper Vacilala steps:

Same Video on YouTube

The next video is from the “Salsa Lovers” DVD No 2″:

Same Video on YouTube

The last video from 2015, features “Szabó László”. The move is like the standard Setenta con Alarde except that they have added an additional Alarde at the end of the Hammerlock. It is very common to add this Alarde to many of the figures in the Setenta family.

Same Video on YouTube

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