Salsa Style: Fernando Sosa, LA Brutalis

This is not Cuban Salsa but dance and let dance. The video looks like some sub Fusion Salsa style in the neighborhood of LA Salsa, that is X-Body salsa for short, or “American Salsa”, to distinguish is from “Casino” that is Cuban Salsa. It is not a social dance, not even a staged social dance but a choreographed promotional show piece after a workshop with Fernando Sosa and Jessica Patella.

But why so violent that the Lead is bound to break some poor Follow’s arm one day? In my opinion they look more like circus artists going to extremes for money than social dancers having a good time. It is hard for me to understand the joy and excitement of brutal freak show dancing to the extend of being banned from a dance venue for the rest of your life.

I must admit that my own Salsa dance ideal is more to the romantic side, to be soft the good way. It even hurts my eyes to see this video. Now I understand why many Follows at some venues say no to a Leader they have seen dancing.

The synchronized free styling section at the end makes it clear that the video is a choreographed show piece at the end of some workshop. Fernando Sosa and Jessica Patella are fantastic dancers their own way with each their own following, and some of their videos are not that bad for inspiration except that I mostly use them to remind me why I personally prefer “Casino”, Cuban Salsa.

First a link to: Jessica Patella Facebook having several interesting videos. And let us finish with a video showing Fernando Sosa in action as a social dancer with Tatiana Bonaguro as Follow, Lebanon Latin Festival, 2017. It is interesting to read the comments: Many like it, some find it the very best, others think it is more show than social and even horrible.

Same Video on YouTube

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