Cuban Salsa: Corona Doble

Corona Doble is just a small extension of the original Setenta con Corona. It is still too easy to be considered a Complicado. We are at intermediate level. For a long time Corona Doble has been a well-defined figure with many videos on YouTube.

In 2018 Mexican Salsaficion published a new alterative Corona Doble. I don’t like when new figures try to hijack well-establish names. Salsaficion has also made its own version of Setenta Corona that should be ignored: It is simply Setenta con Alarde with a new name.

All that said, I like Salsaficion’s Corona Doble. It is exactly like the original Corona Doble except that it has replaced the small move in the middle, the “bridge” between the two “Coronas”. Actually both “bridges” in the two alternative moves are interesting and not that common in other figures.

Corona Doble

Video 1 features Adonis Santiago and Svetlana Ovchinina from the “Danceliker” Dance School in Russia, 2016. Note the not that common Lead’s left turn on 5-6-7 at the end of the Exhibela turn, followed by a new crown on 1. That is the first Corona takes place on 5 and the second on 1.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is the same move as the first video, this time from “Pepe Puerto Vs Rueda Cubana”, 2017. I like the look and feel of ordinary people dancing, and that the Lead steps forward all the time.

Same Video on YouTube

Corona Doble con Gancho

Video 3 is the new Corona Doble from Mexican Salsaficion, 2018, featuring Amando and Anahí. It takes a while to get used to the funny educational style of Amando, and I don’t like his sloppy way of doing the hammerlock except that it is ok to use the right turn instead of Vacilala Steps as we saw in the two first videos. But I really like the new “bridge” between the two “Coronas”. They call it “Circola la base con Rodeo con Gancho”.

Same Video on YouTube

Corona Doble con Gancho is a difficult move because it is not more of the same but something new. A few Leads may just have it already the first time with a little bit of luck but most Leads will need to practice it several time before they get it going. It is one of those seemingly simple moves that you really have to struggle with before you have it.

The two alternative ways to do Corona Doble can be combined into a new move, we could call Corona Triple. Start with the standard way to do Corona Doble, and after the second Corona we continue with Corona Doble con Gancho.

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