Cuban Salsa: Setenta con Corona

Setenta con Corona, “70 with a Crown”, is a very common move at improver-intermediate level. It is often just called Corona. Many dance schools teach it as a good way to train five basic elements: the hammerlock, Enchufla, the Alarde Crown to the Lady, Exhibela, and the Lead’s Alarde to himself.

For a long time it was one of the 10 moves I used in every social dance, but today I only use it with beginners. There are so many similar but more interesting moves I prefer to use like Setenta Elegante or one of the two Complicado versions of “Corona” called Corona Doble.

Video 1 is an excellent educational video from “Dance Papi”, 2015, featuring Nicholas Van Eyck and Serena Wong as instructors:

Same Video on YouTube

Note that in the video above they do the hammerlock as a stationary right turn. Good for beginners. One can also walk the hammerlock still using the right turn, or one can use Vacilala Steps, turning already on 1-2-3

In Video 2 from “Pepe Puerto Vs Rueda Cubana”, 2017, the hammerlock start of Setenta con Corona is done with Vacilala Steps. That is much more turning than in the stationary hammerlock in the “Dance Papi” video. The move is no longer for beginner-improver but for intermediate level:

Same Video on YouTube

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