Cuban Salsa: Setenta Elegante

This is a lovely intermediate move with a good flow. I use it a lot. The beginning is similar to Setenta con Corona but instead of a Exhibela turn, the Follow is just unwrapped in a turning fashion. The Lead prep the unwrapping by slightly pressing his thumb against the Follow’s right shoulder. Next the Lead swings his arms over his head bringing the Follow around him behind his back.

The move is attributed to Frank Eddelien from Denmark, and is often called in Rueda de Casino in Denmark, when former students of Frank are Rueda Callers. Since only a few dancers know the move, the Rueda Caller usually teach it first. Setenta Elegante deserves to be used all over the world.

Video 1, Copenhagen 2008, features Frank E (Eddelien), the maker of the move, and Katrine R.

Same Video on YouTube

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