Cuban Salsa: Setenta y Ocho (78)

We have at least 10 completely different figures called Setenta y Ocho with nothing in common except for the Hammerlock opening. Three of the moves are represented with several videos. I have decided that the best and most authoritative of the videos, by chance also the easiest, deserves to be called Setenta y Ocho. The two other moves have very characteristic features making them easy to rename with much more informative names. I call them Setenta con Giro Doble and Setenta Triple.

Setenta y Ocho is a nice intermediate move that works well on a crowded dance floor. I sometimes skip the Hammerlock beginning and simply sneak in on my Follow as a surprise, turning my back to her but looking at her over my shoulder. Video 1 from the “Danceliker” Dance School in Moscow, 2016, features Adonis Santiago and Svetlana Ovchinina.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is exactly the same move but from “Salsa y Sol Winchester”, 2019. I like good videos with ordinary people as a contrast to the inspiring Cuban Powerhouse guy in the first video.

Same Video on YouTube

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