Cuban Salsa: Setenta Triple

In my search for Setenta y Ocho (78) moves, I found several that deserve a better fate with more telling names of their own, making them easier to remember. The following “78” move starts with three Hammerlocks in a row. Why not call it Setenta Triple? Repetition of elements is often a good thing, by the way, it is like exploring a theme.

Video 1 is from “Team Dancer”, Dominican Republic, 2016. In my opinion, this is how the Lead should do the move but the Follow keeps her left hand too ready to be picked up again, between the Hammerlocks, as if she knows the move. Also note that for the ending to work, the Lead change hands, Lead’s left to Follow’s left (very difficult to see), just before the last count of eight.

Same Video on YouTube

In the above video the figure is like this: [1] Hammerlock 1-2-3-5-6, breaking out on 7, [2] Hammerlock on 1-2-3-5-6, breaking out on 7, [3] Hammerlock on 1-2-3, the Lead stops up with confused stepping on 5-6-7, [4] Enchufla on 1-2-3, and Alarde on 5-6-7, [5] a hand held Vacilala turn on 1-2-3 and around the Lead’s neck on 5-6-7.

Video 2 is from “caltechsalsa”, 2008. The move has a more simple ending with just an Enchufla. This is the original move. On the third Hammerlock the couple don’t stop up as in the first video but continues full speed forward. Note that the Follow in this video makes her left hand available in a more natural way, ignoring that she knows the move, as she should.

Same Video on YouTube

There could be many situations where we prefer the simple ending with just an Enchufla, depending on the music, developments on the dance floor and on our balance and position when coming out of the previous turns.

Video 3 is similar, this time from “Media Noche Salsa”, 2010, featuring Ofer and Nofar. According to this video, the move is attributed to Sylvain Barbot. I like that in all the three videos, the dancers step forward at all times, or step in place. No back rocking.

Same Video on YouTube

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