Cuban Salsa: Setenta con Giro Doble

In my search for Setenta y Ocho (78) moves, I found several that deserve a better fate with more telling names of their own, making them easier to remember. The following “78” move has a two handed Giro doble figure over one count of eight as the climax, so why not call the move Setenta con Giro Doble?

The two handed Giro Doble happens to be one of my favorite moves, and I have always been wondering, why it is not a part of very many turn patterns. Giro Doble is a substitute for the real figure names: A two handed Vacilala followed by a two handed Habanero turn.

Video 1 is from “Pepe Puerto Vs Rueda Cubana”, 2016.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “Los chicos de la salsa”, 2016, has a different ending using a Gancho like in Setenta y Uno and a Coca Cola left turn.

Same Video on YouTube

Both endings are valid. I often use Setenta y Cinco (75) moves (with three different endings) starting like Setenta y Uno. Instead I can start them from the Gancho of this version of Setenta con Giro Doble giving me a twice as long combination with a good flow.

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