Cuban Salsa: Setenta y Uno Moderno

I stumbled upon this excellent brand new move, at least unknown to me, in two exactly the same versions both called Setenta y Uno a la Moderna, but I prefer to shorten the name to Setenta y Uno Moderno. This move could easily be one of the Complicado climaxes of any social dance. It made it into my repertoire right away. Several other but different moves with the name exist but are not worth showing.

What I like about the move is that it is easy going and elegant, a little difficult to lead but not that difficult, it is realistic with almost any good Follow, and that the move is so straight forward and no nonsense, that a good Lead only need to see it once, and we have it! And we want to use it.

Video 1 is from a salsa class or workshop June 27, 2018, probably in Russia (?), and the Cuban looking instructor might be the creator of the move.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 shows the same move at its best, great music and dancers, uploaded three weeks later than the first to the same YouTube Channel, July 14, 2018. Both videos are uploaded by Alexey Retyunskikh, but it is my guess that the Lead in the video is Cuban?

Same Video on YouTube

I like that the move makes use of the Gancho to give the Follow a “normal” left turn that is not that common in Cuban Salsa, where we mostly see the Coca Cola left turn. I like the way the Follow is lead behind the Lead’s back with crossed arms, first the Lead’s right arm and then the left over his head, just like in Setenta Elegante Complicado. And I like Exhibela with an extra turn.

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