Cuban Salsa: Setenta y Uno Virtuoso

Here is another brand new move in the Setenta y Uno Complicado family. I have decided to call it Setenta y Uno Virtuoso to distinguish it from the standard Setenta y Uno Complicado, and from a host of not worth to be remembered moves with the same name.

Video is from “londoncubansalsa”, 2018, featuring Oscle and Lisi. Love the music. Salsa timba from Puerto Rico: Pirulo y la Tribu: “De Mi Que Hablen”

Same Video on YouTube

Setenta y Uno Virtuoso is a personal move probably made by the Lead of the duo “Oscle and Lisi”. It is not that difficult but a lot is going on fast making how it fits the count blurred in the middle of the move. It is not a move that works out of the box for most Leads. You need to rehearse it at some Practica session, and the move is not likely to work the first time with that many Follows.

The only part that is new is the two counts of eight starting from the Gancho. Still in the Gancho, the Lead puts his left arm around the Follow’s neck. Always nice with some intimate spice. He then swings her left with the Gancho arm, turns his back at her, and brings both her arms over own head and out again. Then a two handed right turn and a two handed Rodeo.

Why not experiment with the move to make it even better. To some songs I might prefer to prolong the Alarde part and play with those arms back and forth for a while before breaking out and continue?

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