Cuban Salsa: Setenta y Cinco por Arriba

Setenta y Cinco should be reserved for the “75” ending with the two handed Vacilala. Most dancers seem to agree, 9 out of 10 “75” videos end with Vacilala. There is one other ending that deserves to have its own name, and that is “75” ending with a back-to-back turn, a so-called barrel turn. This is a great turn that deserves to be used more. We have it in relatively well known moves like A Bayamo por Arriba and in Siete Loco.

But what to call “back-to-back” in Spanish? The Mexican Salsaficion Dance School calls the “back-to-back” turn for Vuelta Ambos (both) in one of their educational videos. Another option is “Barril” for barrel but I don’t really like these two options. Somehow it is nice with a name that makes the most sense for most people. My compromise is to use the “Arriba” (up) term that many of us associate with the back-to-back turn because of the A Bayamo por Arriba move.

Back-to-back turn

Video 1 is from the “LatinGate salsa School”, Israel, 2011. The music and the synchronized Rueda dancing is mesmerizing. It is surprising how differently we can dance the same move with a few changes in the timing and in how we step and move our arms. After Dile Que No they make a back-to-back turn and an Alarde on 7. I prefer to use all the count of eight for the back-to-back turn in order to fully enjoy it, followed by a two handed Enchufla and then an Alarde or the Sombrero hat.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “Rueda Cubana”, 2011, Greece, featuring Katsanis Apostolis and Maria Daouka. They do the back-to-back turn like me, using a full count of eight, followed by a two handed Enchufla. But instead of finishing the move with an Alarde or putting the Sombrero hat on, they go one step further, as I also often do, and add the Complicado part from the Noventa move.

Same Video on YouTube

The proper name for the move in the last video is Setenta y Cinco por Arriba Complicado. Of all the ways we can move our arms over our head in the two handed Rodeo Inverso, as seen in the different “75” tutorials, this last video is the one I like the least. A Lead should play with and test all the different variations to do those arms in order to choose the best one to the music.

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