Cuban Salsa: Setenta y Cinco por Arriba Complicado

In Setenta y Cinco por Arriba, the back-to-back turn has replaced Vacilala. Normally the back-to-back turn is done over a count of eight, and at the very end of the eight count, on 7-8, an Alarde is added or the Sombrero ending is used.

I am in favor of using the full count of eight for the back-to-back turn in order not to rush it, to make it easier to lead and to enjoy it more. Doing that, one will normally continue with a two handed Enchufla on the next 1-2-3, followed by an Alarde or a Sombrero ending.

The Lead can also replace the 5-6-7 ending after the two handed Enchufla with the Complicado part of e.g. the Noventa or the Setenta Nuevo moves. And Setenta y Cinco por Arriba Complicado is born. So far I have only found one video showing this variation, but since I by chance use it myself, it is fair enough to give it a chance as a named move.

Video 1 is from “Rueda Cubana”, 2011, Greece, featuring Katsanis Apostolis and Maria Daouka.

Same Video on YouTube

Of all the ways we can move our arms over our head in the two handed Rodeo Inverso, as seen in the different “75” tutorials, this last video is the one I like the least. A Lead should play with and test all the different variations to do those arms in order to choose the best one to the music.

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