Cuban Salsa: Setenta y Cinco Complicado

Setenta y Cinco Complicado replaces the Vacilala with a two handed Enchufla and continues with the Complicado part of the Noventa move. One could just as well use the Complicado part of the Setenta Nuevo move.

Video 1 is from Pablo Solis, Roma, Italy, 2012.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from Salsagaia, Firenze, Italy, 2018, featuring Elena De Simonis as Follow. Name of the Lead is not mentioned. Starting from 2:54, they present Setenta y Cinco and Setenta y Cinco Complicado. They use the same names for the moves, as I do.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 3 is an older and very charming video from Salsagaia, Firenze, Italy, 2014, again featuring Elena De Simonis as Follow and this time with Cristiana as Lead. The video starts with Setenta Complicado, we then see Setenta y Cinco Simple (with a left turn), they call it “71”. Then we have two “72” figures, followed by Setenta y Cinco (the Vacilala ending), then Setenta y Cinco Complicado and a move they call “75 Variations”.

In the “Variations”, the Lead postpones the Gancho and instead leads the Follow behind his back doing a two handed Rodeo, and then turns her in front of himself, and then into the Gancho. I often do that myself. This sub move is also part of the Setenta y Uno Virtuoso move (see tutorial) and comes in handy in many situations.

Same Video on YouTube

The Salsagaia video above was for a long time a great inspiration for me because I liked the joyful and relaxed way of dancing. Then one day I noticed, that the video was pseudo Cuban Salsa, that Elena couldn’t even step a proper Vacilala, and with horrible back rocking all over the place.

But four years later, as we can see in Video 2 above, Elena only starts with a back rock but mostly walks forward or in place in the rest of the video. And suddenly she uses proper Vacilala stepping except that I prefer for the Follow to step a little forward on one instead of just stepping in place. It is never too late to learn.

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