Cuban Salsa: Setenta Complicado al Derecha y al Revés

This is a great move attributed to Henry Herrera, at least he made the move popular by including it on his “Salsa Racing DVD Vol 5 Henry Turns 1” way back around year 2000. I have found many YouTube videos with this move: it is a long, elegant, advanced, two handed combination.

The “Al Derecha y al Revés” Complicado, “to the right and the other way around”, can be initiated on One whenever we are in the open starting position. “Al Derecho y al Revés” is a perfect continuation of Setenta Complicado, but I have also found many videos just using the basic Setenta, that is the Hammerlock, as launch pad.

Video 1 is with Dobromir Montauk & Aneta Nosal, 2012. They have many videos in the same “Piano setting”. It is always interesting when a couple has their own style, in this case including some very long steps. But it is easy to see the different parts of the move, and they do it exactly as in the original Henry Herrera video.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “”, Poland, 2013, with Piotr Agassi Chajkowski and his usual super Follow never stepping back. They do the move three times, the first time they use Setenta, the second and third time they use Setenta Complicado. The third time Piotr adds several Alardes to the move, as is often appropriate at advanced level.

Same Video on YouTube

For all Complicados it is important to remember the variations, and that most Complicados are versatile by nature in the sense that they can be started from many different moves, in this case from anywhere, when we are in open starting position ready to go.

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