Cuban Salsa: Setenta para el piso

One of my favourite Dance Schools, “DC Casineros”, calls the move Setenta para el piso (70 for the floor). In Spanish “para el” is often shortened to “p’al” or just to “pal”. They call it 70 pal piso. In the middle of the move the Lead either kneels down on the floor or squats down as I prefer to do it.

Video Clip 1 is from a YouTube video labeled “Salsa 01428” with Yoandy Villaurrutia, Moscow, Russia, 2014. Mr “Yoyo Flow” kneels down on the floor. After the floor, there are many ways to proceed, Yoandy shows us just one option.

Video Clip 2 is from a “DC Casineros” YouTube video labeled “Bailar Casino: 70 pal piso, tornillo, applications”, Washington DC, USA, 2014.

Giro de Setenta

The most interesting part of Setenta para el piso is the second count of eight, the very special way the Follow is turned. The Hammerlock is continued with an extra turn, and the Follow ducks under both arms. It can be done on 1-2-3 of the next count of eight like in the first video, or on 5-6-7 of the Hammerlock like in the last video.

I call this special continuation of the Hammerlock for Giro de Setenta, the Hammerlock Turn, and I have made a video about it: Giro de Setenta Masterclass Video.

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