Cuban Salsa: Casinando

What a great move! I have only found one video and I attribute the move to Piotr Agassi or it might be one of Yoel Marrero’s two handed moves. Casinando starts with the very popular Setenta y Cinco (75), four counts of eight. But we could just as well start is from Dile Que No or from Exhibela con Corona.

The Video is from Polish “ – Poznańska Szkoła Salsy Kubańskiej”, 2013, featuring one of my favourite Casino couples, Piotr Agassi Chajkowski and his excellent “I always step forward” super-Follow – insisting on never to back-rock unless a very bad Lead forces her to do so.

Same Video on YouTube

Breakdown of Casinando

The move starts with Setenta y Cinco. I already use four variations of that move because it is a good way to add counter clock-wise motion to Cuban Salsa being mainly clockwise. That is, moves in the Setenta y Cinco family, just like moves in the A Bayamo family, are important because they help us to a more balanced ratio between clockwise and counter clockwise turning.

What comes next is just my type of dancing:

  1. On 5-6-7 of Exhibela, the Follow is lead around the Lead using a technique that can best be described as a two handed Rodeo with a two handed Vacilala on the next count of eight.
  2. The next part is equally good: an Enchufla and an on-off Alarde to the Lead, followed by an on-off Alarde to the Follow as well as to the Lead.
  3. Followed by one more on-off Alarde to the Follow, continuing into a Habanero turn on 5-6-7.
  4. The end is Echufla and a right arm Gancho to the Lead.

How to learn moves

When we stumble upon a move we would like to use in our social dancing, it is important to break it down and learn every interesting part as if basic figures on their own, we can use as building blocks anywhere in our dance.

Setenta y Cinco is great on its own, the combination of Dile Que No – Coca-Cola – Exhibela is great, the combination of Exhibela con Corona into the two handed Rodeo con Vacilala is great on its own, and the Enchufla and Alarde section is excellent on it’s own, to be used anywhere in a dance.

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