Cuban Salsa: Gancho Doble de Yoandy

The Gancho Doble de Yoandy is a special version of the standard Gancho Doble, we know from moves like Setenta y Dos. I attribute the move to the creativity of Yoandy Villaurrutia, at least his version is the only instance of this basic figure I have seen so far.

The normal Gancho Doble (hook with both arms) is a little intimate especially if you stay in the hooked embrace for more than a few seconds just doing it in a fast in-and-out fashion. Gancho Doble de Yoandy is even more intimate and upright elegant, and it is a good way to get into a tight embrace.

Video Clip 1 is from a YouTube video named “Yoandy Villaurrutia – Salsa 20.03.14”, Moscow, Russia, 2014.

This doble hook starts from a right-to-right handed Setenta (Hammerlock). As the Lead exit with Enchufla, he uses the Enchufla arm to create the first hook by placing his hand behind his neck.

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