Cuban Salsa: Setenta y Cuatro (74)

We have at least 20 different moves called Setenta y Cuatro (74). So this move name it pretty much up for grabs. In this tutorial I have selected the move that in my opinion deserves the name.

I like this version because it is one of the very few Setenta moves that has a Giro de Setenta exit (Hammerlock Exit #2) instead of the Enchufla exit. I also like that it contains the back-to-back turn, we don’t see so often.

Video 1 is from Mexican “Salsafición”, Mexico, 2018.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “Salsa Y Sol Winchester”, Winchester, UK, 2019. The move is exactly the same as the Mexican version except for the ending. Instead of the Gancho, it ends with an Alarde to the Lead and Dile Que No with a late left turn.

Same Video on YouTube

A named move is just a good combination of basic figures organised as a full-blown mini dance with a start, a middle and an ending, in order to make the content of the move easier to remember and practice.

When I actually use a named move in my social dance, I am likely to skip both the start and the ending. Most often it is the middle part that is interesting.

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