Cuban Salsa: Helic├│ptero (Sombrero por Abajo)

I dare to call this intermediate move a classic, because I have it on an Danish produced Cuban Salsa DVD from 2011 (video 2), and the Mexican dance school “Salsafici├│n” has publised exactly the same move with the same name, 2018 (video 1). Probably not a coincidence. I have also experienced the move several times in Rueda de Casino with different callers from Cuba.

Video 1 is from the Mexican dance school “Salsafici├│n”, 2018, with Amando and Anah├ş.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from a Danish produced DVD, “Cuban Salsa lesson intermediate-advanced”, by Yosvany Torres and Stine Ortvad, Copenhagen, 2011. This version is exactly like the Mexican.

Helic├│ptero Complicado

Video 3 shows a Complicado version of Helic├│ptero, the Lead goes down under twice and the Follow once. Nice as a physical exercise!

Sombrero por Abajo

Sombrero por Abajo (or debajo) is the same move as Helic├│ptero except for the ending, but sometimes the two moves are identical. Sombrero por Abajo has several variations, and the move deserves to be dealt with in a tutorial of its own. I only show the basic version here in order to document that Helic├│ptero and Sombrero por Abajo are variations of the same move.

Video 4 is from “Los chicos de la salsa”, Barcelona, Spain, 2016.

Same Video on YouTube

Sombrero por Abajo normally starts similar to Sombrero and ends with Sombrero, but in the above example, the Lead adds an Exhibela turn to the move. In social 1-on-1 dancing we should constantly “add on” and dance with one long flow. Don’t chop the dance into small pieces of individual moves like a one couple Rueda de Casino.

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