Cuban Salsa: Panqué Triple Mix (variations)

The Panqué (pancake) move is also called Siete (“7”), but in Rueda the move is most often called Panqué. Since the Follow is rolled in like a pancake or a burrito, the Panqué name makes a lot of sense. Even the most basic Panqué, “rolling in and out”, one count of eight, is a surprisingly difficult move unless the Follow is used to it.

Panqué works well in Rueda de Casino because the Follow also hears the call, no strong leading is necessary. Panqué is difficult in 1-on-1 dancing because it is so different from any other common move or motion. And especially if the Follow hasn’t experienced it for a while. It is easy to overlead it to success except that it becomes awkward and doesn’t feel good. If the leading is moderate or to the soft side, it is likely to fail. And if the leading is exactly spot on, somewhere in between, it it likely to fail half of the time! Poor Leads, they have a hard time!

Many Leads prefer to do Panqué twice in a sequence. The first time the basic variation is used to test or prep the Follow, “lets us have some Panqué fun”, and if the Follow “responds” as she should, the Lead can then give the Follow a more advanced Panqué like adding a Coca-Cola turn on 5-6-7, or what about the Siete Loco Complicado classic?

I like the idea of a “Panqué Triple Mix”, using Panqué three times in a row. My model for how to do it, is to start with the basic version of Panqué, follow up with another simple version of just one count of eight, and lastly to continue with any version, short or long.

In this blogpost I will document all the good “Panqué Triple Mix” combinations I stumble upon. Here are the first two.

Panqué Triple Mix with sit-down

Video Clip 1 is from a wonderful video named “Salsa dance by a Cuban couple”. Jony and Jane, Baracoa (my favourite Cuban city), Cuba, 2009. Jony starts with the basic Panqué, changes hand and do one more and stop the Follow with his left leg, then the third Panqué with a sit-down on his knee. Notice that he is nealing down very low!

I recommend The full Baracoa video on YouTube. This video is dear to me. It is not about being the best or about winning a competition. Just dance the best you know!

Panqué Triple Mix with sneak attack

Video Clip 2 is from the excellent Polish “Piotr Agassi Chajkowski” couple, Poznań, Poland, 2014. It doesn’t get any better. Piotr starts with the basic Panqué, next Panqué with sneak attack (reserve it to Follows you know well), and then Panqué con Coca-Cola.

I recommend The full Agassi video on YouTube. It also contains one of my favourite moves, Setenta y Cinco. Note that the Follow never back-rocks but always steps forward by default.

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