Cuban Salsa: Panqué con Coca-Cola Moderno

This is a surprisingly simple and excellent variation of the Siete con Coca-Cola classic, Miami style. The move is a typical Yoandy Villaurrutia move, it might be attributed to him, at least he has promoted it in recent years. I don’t know what Yoandy calls the move but he often uses “Coca-Cola” and “Moderno” as part of the moves he use, so my name for the move is very likely what Yoandy also calls it.

I found the move in a Yoandy class video as part of a longer sequence. I have isolated the Panqué con Coca-Cola Moderno part of it, just one count of eight, that is, I have reduced the move to its bare essentials, I have turned it into a named basic figure, we can use again and again as a building block with all sorts of continuations.

Video Clip 1 is from a YouTube Video named “Salsa Class 03.03.15 at D’AKOKAN Dance School”, uploaded by “Becoolof”, Moscow, Russia, 2015. I only show Panqué con Coca-Cola Moderno, one count of eight, the basic figure.

Panqué (Pancake) figures are also called Siete (7). I prefer the Panqué name because it is easier to remember and many more dancers recognise that name, and it is the most common of the two names in Rueda de Casino. But on YouTube most moves starting with Panqué are actually called Siete.

We could call Siete for the official name, and Panqué for the popular name.

Next Video Clip 2 shows Panqué con Coca-Cola Moderno and how Yoandy continues the basic figure. There are many ways to do it. Yoandy often has a new exit and continuation for each Follow he dances with!

Finally Video 3 is the full YouTube video. Here we see have Yoandy often organises his classes. First solo work with count as preparation, then partner work, one or two moves with counts, then the moves with music, finally more solo work with music.

Same Video on YouTube

The reason, I am a great fan of Yoandy is not just his superior “ballet quality” creative Afro Cuban style, but just as much his attitude toward dancing. The dance is not about him, he is not out there showing off except that he can’t hide that he is the best. He always not only make room for his Follows, he also manages to get the best out of them, to make them the centre of the dance, to make them shine.

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