Cuban Salsa: Enchufla con tres Alardes

The Enchufla con tres Alardes is an excellent right-to-right handed Enchufla used by many Leads. It is a basic figure, because the Lead does not end up in Caida position (Dile Que No start position) as in Enchufla, but needs to turn right as he does the Alardes using a hook turn or the equivalent, in order to be positioned best possible when he comes out of the last Alarde, and there must be three Alardes for the move to shine the most.

Video 1 is a clip, a few seconds, from a video i found on the Facebook page of Carlos Ramirez, a Cuban living in Miami, from 2020 posted February 2021. Carlos Ramirez is dancing with Valentina Karalrus.

I will promote the full Carlos Ramirez video soon in a separate blogpost, because it is one of the best new demo dances I have seen for some time.

Video 2 is a clip from a video called El Dedo con Alardes from “Salsacción”, Chile, 2018, featuring Emilio Donaire as instructor. The clip only shows Enchufla con tres Alardes.

El Dedo con Alardes

The above video clip is part of a move starting with El Dedo, a right-to-right handed Vacilala and after Enchufla con tres Alardes we see one more rather special Enchufla “Sensual”, great for social dancing! Why not give it a try!

Original Emilio Donaire video on YouTube

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