Cuban Salsa: Ochenta y Quatro (84)

The move Ochenta y Quatro is a classic Cuban Salsa move, but it is so often used also in Rueda de Casino, that “”, the former “Norwegian Rueda Standard Organisation”, has included it in its Rueda de Casino Syllabus.

On YouTube I have found surprisingly many videos showing Ochenta y Quatro, and many variations. It is a very popular move. We have two basic versions for the first count of eight, and the basic versions has many sub variations:

  1. A cross handed (right-to-right) Vacilala turn (both arms over the Follow’s head) on 1-2-3.
  2. A cross handed (right-to-right) Hammerlock turn (only Lead’s right arm over the Follow’s head).

The “Vacilala” version is my favourite for social couple dancing. It is quite a move and brings the Follow’s two hands two hers shoulders in the second count of eight.

The “Hammerlock” version is a little boring in comparison, but it works well both in Rueda de Casino and in social couple dancing. The “Hammerlock” is the version “” has chosen to include in their Rueda de Casino Syllabus!

Video Clip #1 is from “Association Salsa Loca”, Strasbourg, France, 2011, featuring Sophie and Fatih. I have added a slow-motion section to the clip.

Original Salsa Loca video on YouTube

A nice thing about the Follow’s hands by her shoulders is not only that we can start so many other moves from that position, we can also go easy and add more “shoulder” counts of eight before we proceed.

Video Clip #2 shows the “Danceliker” version: Adonis Santiago dancing with Svetlana Ovchinina, Moscow, Russia, 2016. This version is exactly like the first video clip for the first two counts of eight, but Adonis then adds a Sacala turn (an Exhibela to the center).

Original Danceliker video on YouTube

In Rueda de Casino, we should use one and the same version of a move to get the most beautiful synchronisation of all the dancers. But in social couple dancing, it is nice to know and to have trained several versions of the same move. If you just did a Sacala 10 seconds ago, it is nice not to have to use it in “84”. If you haven’t done a Sacala for a while, it is nice that it can be added to “84”.

The Hammerlock version of 84

Video Clip #3 is a tiny extract from a “” video, Norway 2020. At the moment you must pay to watch most of their videos on “Vimeo.Rueda.Casino”. This version uses the Hammerlock for the first count of eight. A very simple and smooth move.

Original Rueda.Casino video on Vimeo

For the Hammerlock version of Ochenta y Quatro, one can also add the “bringing her hands to her shoulder” count. The most import for both versions is to remember that they start cross handed.

Ochenta y Quatro Complicado

It is very easy to prolong the basic Ochenta y Quatro in all sorts of way, and especially to exit it early for something else if the “Vacilala” version is used, bringing the Follow’s hands to her shoulders.

If you need a more traditional “Complicado” made to work well also in Rueda de Casino, then Video 4 from “Association Salsa Loca”, Strasbourg, France, 2011, featuring Sophie and Fatih, could be an option.

Original Salsa Loca Complicado video on YouTube

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