Cuban Salsa: Rodeo Poco (basic figure)

We have Rodeo Largo, the long Rodeo of two counts of Eight, we have the normal Rodeo of one count of Eight, and we have Rodeo Poco (little) of only a half count of Eight done twice. All three Rodeos can also be done the other way around, Inverso. This tutorial is about the least known of these basic figures, Rodeo Poco, and I only show the clock-wise version.

Video #1 is from a Pactica Session with me an Mona, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022.

Same video on YouTube

I have seen Rodeo Poco here and there but I have never heard a name for it. I think it is most logical to call it Rodeo Poco. When I started using it, I almost bumped into my Follows, they were clearly not used to Rodeo Poco, and I had to get used to it myself.

Rodeo Poco is a useful basic figure of one count of Eight, doing the Rodeo both on “1-2-3” and “5-6-7”. One should normally do it twice, that is for two counts of Eight giving us four Rodeos as done in the video.

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