Cuban Salsa: Nudo Más – El Nudo

The move Nudo Más (More Knot), I have learned from a video of Ruben Rodriguez. He calls the move El Nudo (the Knot) and that is misleading because it is also a well-known name for a common Rueda type of Casino move. The move of Ruben Rodriguez starts like El Nudo for the first two counts of Eight but is much longer, 8 counts of Eight. For that reason I prefer to call the move for Nudo Más.

Nudo Más is difficult but worthwhile because it is both unique and genuine Cuban, only consisting of well-known basic figures in a logical sequence. A superb move for training leading and following. Each Lead is likely to give it his own look and feel.

Video Clip #1 is from a Practica Training Session with me and Mona, Copenhagen, 2022, summer time! We couldn’t help but add Enchufla Continuado to the end of Nudo Más, and sometimes it gives a better presentation to show a move with a contrasting context.

Same video on YouTube

Break down of Nudo Más

  1. Two Handed Vacilala, the Follow’s left arm over the Lead’s head.
  2. Follow’s right arm up and into Gancho, left arm into Corona.
  3. Gancho arm swings into Yuko position, the “face-to-face” Sombrero, and the Corona arm exits over the Follow’s head.
  4. Just walking.
  5. Neck arm out and over Lead’s head and into Gancho.
  6. Gancho into Corona.
  7. Exhibela with both arms over the head.
  8. Enchufla and into Caída.

In my video the last Enchufla starts Enchufla Continuado.

Video Clip #2 shows the original video of Ruben Rodriguez, Nantes, France, 2020. His dance style is not exactly like mine. “Live and let dance”, each Lead his own preferences.

Same video on YouTube

In the first period of training, the Lead is likely to focus on remembering the move and on getting the feel for it. It takes a lot of practice before a Lead really owns the move. I do believe it’s leadable in the sense that a good Lead can do it with most advanced level Follows even when they experience the move for the first time.

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